What makes VANGO Graphics different?

We are experts in preflighting electronic art files!

VANGO Graphics started out 25 years ago as a typesetting/desktop publishing firm serving the print industry. This has made us lucky enough to have seen the worst files ever created. :)

After years of providing files for other printers we branched out to providing film and plates. With the advent of more reasonably priced output devices we decided it was time to try our hand at printing. Our years as a service bureau (with 24 hour or less turn times) whipped us into shape for the changing print world. The days of two week turnarounds was over. The next logical step was to get into digital printing for those small to medium jobs that don't make sense to put on press. And this year we have branched out into large format printing. With our rock solid prepress background, going from typesetter, to imagesetter, to press, to digital press and, now, to large format plotters is just a matter of learning a new printing device!

All of our staff come from design backgrounds which also helps us preflight better than other companies. We aren't just looking for technical issues, we are looking at the big picture. We try to provide advice and input on your job. Call us today and talk to a real person!

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